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Thermoform and Vacuum Form Molds and Tooling

A quality thermoformed part lives or dies with good tooling. PANIC PLASTICS,   Inc.™ supports a complete in house tooling facility utilizing state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems along with high tech CNC machining centers, to produce in house molds that will produce quality thermoformed parts.


    In house tooling:

  • Controls your costs  
  • Reduces your lead times    
  • Minimizes error  
  • Greater flexibility    
Tooling 3 Tooling Blister Being Cut

PANIC PLASTICS,   Inc.   has the experience to take your project from concept to final product. We offer services from conceptual drawing of your proposed product to solid modeled renderings, sample prototypes and production tooling that is designed to run quality parts efficiently the first time. All in record time allowing you to get your product to market in record time. 

Our in-house tooling department means faster delivery for you. Samples can be produced in days and complete production tooling can be completed to meet your delivery needs. Call and begin to enjoy these benefits, as well as others offered by dealing with PANIC PLASTICS  , Inc  .

We invite you to call us and begin to enjoy the warm customer relationships others throughout the Country are experiencing.

Call us at (208) 739-9142

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(208) 739-9142