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Clamshell Packaging, Stock Clamshell Packaging, Blister Packaging, Thermoformed Trays

At PANIC PLASTICS, Inc. our 30 years of thermoforming experience insures the highest quality stock and custom thermoformed packaging in a variety of alternatives. We specialize in all thermoformed packaging products including:

  • Clamshell Packaging: 
    • Stock OFF THE SHELF clamshell packaging (no tooling costs)
    • Stock clamshell packaging easily custimized for your product (minimal tooling cost)
    • Custom clamshell packaging
    • Tri-Fold clamshell packaging (standing)
    • Recycled and BioDegradeable clamshell Packaging 
  • Blister Packaging: 
    • Stock OFF THE SHELF blister packaging (no tooling costs)
    • Combo run blister packaging (minimal tooling costs)
    • Custom Blister Packaging
    • Mock Clamshell Blisters
  • Thermoformed Trays:
    • Shipping Trays
    • Box Inserts
    • Anti-Stat and ESD Trays
    • Dunnage Trays  

From design, to our high-tech tooling and manufacturing process, we offer the service you deserve, genuine people, competitive prices and timely delivery. PANIC PLASTICS, Inc. has the solutions for all your packaging needs.

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Custom Clamshell Packaging 

Stock Clamshell  Packaging

In stock off the shelf clamshell packaging.

Custom Cavity Stock Clamshells

Blister Packaging

Thermoform  Vacuum Formed Trays

Heavy Gauge Vacuum Forming


Small sealer

Blister/Clamshell Sealing Machines 

Table Top Blister/Tray Sealer



 No job is more important than yours!


Plastic Packaging and Products in a Hurry!


Plastic packaging and products when you want them! That’s our commitment to you, whether you’ve never met us before or you’ve been a friend and customer for years.


At PANIC PLASTICS  ,  Inc.  we recognize you aren’t just looking for quality plastic vacuum forming and thermoforming. What you really need is a packaging supplier that works with you each step of the way, so you get what you need at the right time, no matter what your schedule!


As your Genuine Plastic Partner, we can:

  • Help design your plastic product or part  
  • Evaluate your current design to ensure it works  
  • Provide prototypes  
  • Produce your plastic packaging and products in-house   
  • Get your thermoforming or vacuum forming job in and out fast -- so you get your products into the hands of consumers  


There’s No Other Way!

We hear one question almost every day. “How can you get my job done so quickly?"


Visit our other pages, you’ll read about many innovations and procedures that help us get your job done. Extra effort and creativity in the design/prototype stage, producing our tooling all in-house, hiring people who care about their customers-those are just a few.


But they aren’t the whole story.


Want to know the real reason we’re able to stick to your schedule, produce quality plastic packaging and products, and reduce your start up costs? We simply won’t settle for less, and neither should you.


Contact Us Today 

You have parts to produce and products to get to market. We can help.


We’d love to discuss your thermoforming/vacuum forming project, give you more information or provide you with samples and a proposal.


Let us show you the difference a partner can make to you and your business!


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